Merlin Legend Mail 007 MLM 4-Port


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Merlin Legend Mail 007 MLM 4-Port

Merlin Legend Mail 007 MLM Features
4-ports to receive or play back 4 simultaneous messages
Up to 21 hours of message storage for the capacity you need
Up to 100 mailboxes for all your employees
Modular circuit pack slides right into your Merlin Legend control unit; no need for extra wall space, extra power supply or extra surge protector
Three Automated Attendants enable different coverage for different departments
Separate day, night, and holiday schedules for each Automated Attendant
Cascaded outcalling can call an employee’s home phone, cellular phone and pager to announce new messages
Personal operator transfers callers from your mailbox to a co-worker
Bulletin Board gives callers routine messages such as hours of operation, driving directions or snow day advisories
Message Waiting light activated for new messages only
Toll fraud security automatically locks a mailbox when outsiders attack
Compatible with all domestic and international releases of the Merlin Legend Communications System
Merlin Legend System must have a 391A3 or newer power supply module

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 5 in