Avaya IP500 V2 System SD Card Mu Law -700479710




IP500 V2 System SD Card

Acts as feature key to validate system features
Provides storage for Essential Edition Messaging
Can be preloaded with software, configuration, and feature activations to enable faster implementation

Messaging Features
Included with IP500 V2 system; no license required
2-ports; Can be upgraded to 4 or 6-ports via activation purchase
Up to 15 hours message storage; Configurable recording time
Help menus, greetings, and mailbox navigation.
Email confirmation or email forward
Voicemail breakout/personal auto-attendant
Configurable system-wide short code for voicemail collect
40 independent Auto Attendants with 3 time profiles per Auto Attendant; Up to 12 menu items per Auto Attendant with automatic time-out to fallback number
Auto attendant supports Dial by Name and direct Dial by Number
Visual Voice – Access and control of voicemail via the digital or IP terminal display (telephone model dependent)
Reply to a message to either an internal or external number (if Caller ID available)
Support for hunt group announcements
Fax option for rerouting fax calls via the auto-attendant menu
Support for Fast Forward (#), Rewind (*), Skip Message (9) and Call Sender (**) when listening to messages

Compatible with IP500 V2 Control Unit

** please tell us what firmware you desire from 7.0.36 to 11.0.2 in the notes section when ordering**

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One year warranty

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