Norstar CICS Cabinet (0x16)


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Norstar CICS Cabinet (0x16) Like New

7.1 Software version

Provides two 50-pin amphenol connections used to interface CO trunks, stations, internal ATA and RAD connections. Also used to connect external devices such as music-on-hold source, paging and auxiliary ringers.
The Internal Analog Terminal Adapter (I-ATA) provides one connections for a modem, fax machine, or analog telephone.
Provides emergency line transfer connection in event of power failure
Norstar CICS Cabinet allows for up to 16 TCM ports compatible with Norstar M7000 and T7000 series telephones (can be expanded to 24)
Provides two universal slots for expansion cartridges

NOTE: Like New CICS 0x16 Cabinets may not include blank covers for universal trunk slots. This does not affect function of system.

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